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The battery capacity of mobile phones is only too small!

1. Because of the adoption of new technology, such as Li-polymer battery, Ultra Power function and low power consumption PCBA. These new technologies can ensure that the battery lasts a full day for the average customer.

2. The mobile power supply is optional. For some heavy users of smartphones, mobile power is a must-have.

Are you manufacturer?

Yes, Shenzhen Baiyin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. Baiyin Technology is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on the production, development and sales of smart phones

How to order and pay?

We accept wire transfer (bank transfer), PayPal, credit card, Western Union, and Alibaba online order transactions.

What is the minimum order(MOQ)?

We accept 1 units as MOQ for standard products. we can even customized with your logo if needed. If require OEM, will see detailed requirements and confirm MOQ to you from our sales department. 

Can we get the free sample?

Tell our salesman your details, we will assess whether you meet the free sample for testing.

Do you provide after-sales service for your products?

Of course, all our products enjoy a one-year warranty and after-sales service! 

About the use of Bsonic website community

The company has its own brand independent website. You can register your personal account in the community section. We will update your order progress video to your account in real time, and it will only be shown to you. You can review your order production process as well as quality control.

Is the Type-C interface compatible with the Apple iPhone interface?

No. Although both symmetrical design, Apple lightning interface is very special, it only supports Apple device. But Type-C interface will be standard in the future. And a great number of smartphones and computers will be equipped with Type-C interface.

How to fix a phone dropped in water?

1. Take the device out of water immediately.

2. Don't press any button and just remove the battery.

3. Give the outside a good dry with a towel or tissue, do not use hair dryer or baking it beside stove.

4. Fill a container with dry rice and bury the phone, after two days you can try to turn it back on.

Why my phone getting slower yet ?

Here we will teach you about accelerating your phone skills :

1. do not use live wallpapers

Dynamic wallpaper really interesting, but it will take some resources , in order to make your system run faster Andrews faster , better get moving wallpaper off, replaced by a static wallpaper it.

2. less some desktop gadgets

Some friends may think your Android plugin to add some gadgets , you will find it particularly convenient , but also reduce the phone's operating speed , if you uninstall the widget on the desktop, you will obviously feel the system smoothly degree has improved a lot .

3. turn off background applications

We can install an application on a mobile phone management software , such as monitoring tools , when you do not use the application , you can turn it off to save memory.

4. restore factory settings

On the phone all the personalized settings will likely cause a decline in the speed of the phone , you can try to restore the factory settings it because the original manufacturer of the system is the result of repeated testing and setting up good .

5. Pay special attention to that before restoring factory settings to be backed up in advance , if not ahead of backup data in the phone will be lost .

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