Dynamic Island.

48MP Main camera.
Mind-blowing detail.

Ceramic Shield
Tougher than any smartphone glass.

A battery that’
s all in, all day.

mastermind behind it all.

Dynamic Island.

Always-On display.
A subtle way to stay in the know.


Meet Dynamic Island.

It’s integrated throughout Android— and works with lots of different apps — to seamlessly surface what you need, right when you need it.

Ceramic Shield Tougher than any smartphone glass.

Nano-ceramic crystals — which are harder than most metals — are fused into glass for far greater durability.
Our dual-ion exchange process also protects against nicks, scratches,
and everyday wear and tear.

*The test data comes from Bsonic laboratory tests, and the actual situation may vary slightly due to individual product differences and specific test environments.


Always-On display.
A subtle way to stay in the know.

ProMotion technology intelligently ramps up refresh rates when you need exceptional graphics performance. And ramps down to save power when you don’t.

6.7″ or 6.1″

Super Retina XDR display5

2796 x 1290



Screen material


Touch Sampling Rate


The mastermind behind it all.

Nearly 16 billion transistors for industry-leading speed and efficiency Faster 6-core CPU handles demanding workloads smoothly and efficiently

Super Retina XDR display in sunlight

Up to 2 times brighter, even in direct sunlight, Every word on the screen can be clearly displayed.


48MP Main camera. Mind-blowing detail.

The advanced quad-pixel sensor on the Main camera makes the most of 48 megapixels by adapting to what you’re shooting.

Shooting in ProRAW at 48MP delivers

4x the resolution for jaw-dropping cropping.

48MP Main camera. Mind-blowing detail.

The new Photonic Engine preserves even more image data to deliver brighter, more lifelike colors and beautifully detailed textures — in much less light.

Pro video Film like a Pro.

Cinematic mode now lets you shoot in 4K HDR at 24 fps — the film industry standard.


Rigorous Quality Tests*

Every aspect of your phone has been rigorously tested and proven to be of the highest quality.

USB Plug-In Stress Tests


Headset Port Plug-In Stress tests


Micro-Drop Testing


Extreme Environment Test

-30 °C~50 °C

( phone in use )

*All information is based on Bsonic technical design parameters and laboratory test results. This data is only for laboratory tests and not for quality assurance in daily life. Depending on the software version, the test environment, and the specific version, the actual situation may differ.

Over 1 million hours of real‑world driving and crash data helps iPhone recognize accidents

Side- fingerprint Unlock

Convenient, safe and reliable

AI Face Unlock

Swipe to unlock instantly


3.5mm Audio Jack

Bluetooth 5.0

FM Radio

Satellite Positioning