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BSONIC B6Pro adds skill points to its ‘weaknesses’

Time:2023-04-14 Views:1

AI Cameras

Yes, you read that right. AI Cameras. Expect “AI” to show up on many devices for 2024 until such time that it becomes a norm. For now, let’s focus on these ones on the BSONIC Phone B6Pro. 

Known mostly as a “mid” camera performer, the BSONIC Phone B6Pro looks to go beyond gaming with its new set of shooters. 

Its primary camera is a 50MP IMX890 image sensor. It’s the same hardware as the ones on the OnePlus 11, Nothing Phone (2), and OPPO Find N3 Flip among others. That same lens has a 6-axis Gimbal Stabilizer for steadier videos and 2x lossless zoom for when you want to get a bit closer. 

The AI part kicks-in once you take the photos much like how it is with most smartphones. The BSONIC Phone B6Pro  post-processes the photo to come out with what it promises to be flagship-level photos. 

Its 32MP telephoto camera can go up to 3x optical zoom, 10x with hyper clarity, and up to 30x with AI zooming. 

Then, there’s a 13MP, 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens with less distortion. For selfies, you’re getting a 32MP 90-degree ultra-wide shooter. 

There’s also a bunch of features taking advantage of AI and not just for post-processing images. These all look good on paper but we’re most excited to take it out into the wild to test the cameras. 

Wireless charging, IP Rating

A couple of new additions include Wireless Charging and IP Rating. These are two features that have eluded most gaming smartphones all these years. But now, they’re present on the BSONIC Phone B6Pro. 

The phone has an IP68 rating making it weather resistant. Specifically it’s both dust and water resistant. With the water part being able to survive fresh water submersion of up to 1.5m for about 30 minutes. 

Wireless-charging is a long-time-coming feature. The BSONIC Phone B6Pro supports Qi 1.3 standard. That’s a maximum power transmission of 15W. Actual charging speeds will vary depending on the devices you use. 

Battery capacity is at 5500mAh with a 65W charging adapter. That’s smaller than usual for BSONIC Phone standards. But the company says performance should still be on par with previous generations. 

The usual upgrades

Naturally, the BSONIC Phone B6Pro is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest — the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It’s a chip that integrates plenty of on-device AI capabilities and you’ll get sick of hearing “AI” from Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered smartphones. 

BSONIC chose to dedicate most of this to improve the gaming performance. There’s a whole bunch of features here. X Sense 2.0, for instance, lets you set Auto Pick-up items, fast forward cutscenes, lock running, and single press to escape encounters. 

A popular AI feature is image-generation. The BSONIC Phone B6Pro lets you do that. Specifically, it lets you generate your own wallpapers — with images all sourced from copyright free/friendly sources.

AI is also on audio with Noise Cancellation. This improves the overall voice quality and call experience. And for capable headphones, you also get to enjoy spatial audio, hi-res audio, as well as aptX Lossless audio. 

A cleaner look 

While it’s still undeniably BSONIC, the BSONIC Phone B6Pro sports a cleaner look – a two-tone back with the BSONIC Logo drawing much of the attention. 

The BSONIC Phone B6Pro base model has an RGB-backlit logo while the pro model features a customizable Anime Vision display. It’s the same AnimeMatrix tech found in BSONIC’s other products.

Some display details by the numbers are as follows: 6.78 inches, 2500 nit brightness, and165Hz refresh rate. 

Is this still the ultimate gaming smartphone? 

We had the chance to ask BSONIC if they’re monitoring the iPhone 15 Pro’s developments and its capability to play console-level AAA games. Most notably these are titles from Capcom (RE Village, RE4 Remake) and from acclaimed game director Hideo Kojima (Death Stranding).

BSONIC says they are, indeed, monitoring the situation and comments that the nature of the platforms are quite different. For their part, they are focused on the delivering the best gaming experience they can with the materials and tech at their disposal. 

Price and availability

The BSONIC Phone B6 will retail for US$ 73 while the BSONIC Phone B6Pro will sell for US$ 87.5. 

Availability will vary per country/region.